Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Tid Bits.....

This month is almost over with. I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. I have heard people are buying Christmas already ! We have been keeping busy here with schooling and outings for the kids. My son and his friends have been getting together creating music. The house has been filled with piano, guitar and singing throughout.

It thrills me to see these teen aged boy's creating and writing lyrics. There is so much talent, it truly amazes me every time I turn around.

Mr.Darling has also been hard at his Seminary studies. He recently finished mid terms and now working on papers due in December. He has been a non stop machine, juggling 7 classes, home, wife and kids. I am so proud of him. Even when he is very ill, as he has been this last week, he still continues on... nose running and all.. nothing will stop this guy. Yes that is a wad of tissue stuffed in his nose while he studies Hebrew !!!

Miss Bri and our friend Raquel climbed a climbing wall this week. I would have done it myself but I was wearing a skirt which is not very lady like to be doing such activities.

Vince and the guy's went out to a newly built skate park and shredded the ramps. It was a great day, but really hot !!!

We also joined a Home School group which gets together once a month at the park. Teenage boys stand around talking and showing off how well they can flex and do pull ups. What a difference between girls and boys.

As for my little girl, you will find her doing all the homie things. I have been teaching her many recipes. She loves to do the measurements and pouring in all the ingredients. Earlier this week she made her very first dinner. Delicious meat loaf with green beans and corn on the cob with rolls. She did a great job in the kitchen !!

Tonight we baked good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. MMMM !!

There's nothing like a big glass of cold milk and chocolate chip cookies !!! Especially when their made by your little girl.

Well, I am off to pick up teens from a night of lazer tag !!! More to come soon !!


  1. That picture of your daughter holding the Meatloaf is soooo very cute.. And I must add it looks very yummy as well..

    Looks like you have been busy this month. Did you ever get my email? Hope things are good between us and my mom didn't scare you off with her :issues:...

    Guess we'll talk soon?

  2. Hi Mica,life looks beautiful for you,except maybe for your dear husband runny Hope he is feeling better soon! Your darling girl is getting to be quite the little homemaker,indeed.


  3. What a lot of great things you and the family are up to. It's a delight to read about your doings! <3

  4. Such neat pictures. Except for Tony's poor cold. Ew, I felt like I could get that cold just from looking at it. But wow, the diligence!
    You're family continues to blossom so beautifully, I love all the pictures you share!