Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Caramel Chews ......

This weekend the kids helped making caramel chew. It was a fun yet sticky recipie which came out quite delectable !!
My son joined in by cutting the caramel into squares and wrapping them in wax paper.

I decided that I would make a nice hot cup of caramel apple coffee yum !!! A perfect compliment to a caramel chew.

carmel apple coffee

My daughter had a happy cup of vanilla chai tea with her piece of caramel


Hey, No sneaking the caramels !! That's Mama's stash !!!


  1. Oh you have brought back some happy memories for me this morning of making Christmas Candy and Fudge with my kids! Your caramels look really yummy!

  2. Hi Mica,looks yummy.......your little one is so beautiful.
    Hope your Lord's day is a blessed one.


  3. Those look so yummy! Mom just looked and said those look good, and that Bri could be a model and your pictures look so professional.
    Love and miss you!

  4. I think we will be making caramel chews ourselves this week, thanks to you!