Sunday, December 27, 2009

Handmade with LOVE....

It all began when my daughter & I were browsing through a catalog and we spied a sweet elephant purse. Well, I knew I didn't have anymore money for Christmas so I thought....
Gee I can make something like that.
It is sure good to be crafty & resourceful.

I gathered up some old vintage red wool, some fabric, trims and vintage buttons.
Sketched out an elephant and whipped it up in less than two hours.
I gave it to her on Christmas Eve.
Yes, she thought I ordered it...
I told her Mama made it with LOVE for her.
And that made her so HAPPY!

P.S. She loved the Pink Sugar Elephant doll I made her too !
( scroll down a couple posts about elephant doll)
She said it was her bestest gift!


  1. Sooooo sweet, I love it. I am sure your daughter did too. Clarice

  2. I knew she would be trilled with your special gift...Wishing you and the family a very blessed New Years.......

  3. Mica this is sooooo cute!!
    You are the bestest Mom ever! What a special Christmas surprise for Bri.

    The photo you have on your banner is amazing and my grandchildren are such good looking people!

    I will call you soon
    Missing you
    Love you all

  4. It's so wonderful that your children will have such memories of handmade lovelies and if these treasured gifts make it through childhood, their children will enjoy them as well!
    We had a peaceful Christmas,a couple of birthdays, and now are ready to ring in the new year/ decade!
    We love and miss you. Give hugs to the kids
    xoxo~ Zoe