Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny Blue Skies

Ah!!! Southern California is having a very mild Winter.
This is outside my window.
Sunny, blue skies and beautiful.
Yet, I heard we are supposed to be getting some stormy weather.

It is hard to believe that it is Winter when you have sights such as this.
And there are trees already in bloom.

We are actually enjoying it though, since we had such a HOT Summer.
I spent some time in the kitchen this weekend...packing.

Yup!!! We are moving again!

I can't wait! We are so excited to move to this new area.
I will be popping in as much as I can.
I have two weeks before the big day, so keep us in prayer.

But, for now,
We are off to enjoy these little pies!
Hope you had a cheery weekend!


  1. moving again? did you husband finish the school he was attending there? are you staying in CA? I think you should move all the way across the country to snowy NY! yes, thats right, somewhere between rochester and buffalo! then we can visit! lol! sending up a prayer for a smoothe move!

  2. Uggg I hate moving. I am praying for you xoxoxox Clarice

  3. You're Moving? I think you still owe me a email... ;) Hope it all goes smooth and that blessings follow you and your sweet family..

  4. Hi Mica,are you excited about your move? It can be a huge job...I know that for sure....I pray it will go smoothly for you and the family. You are more than welcome to save the image from my post. It was a freebie from some where but,can't remember just reminds me of the little stove in your kitchen that you have share with us before.....I love that little stove..hope you share it again