Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Happy Picture

Here is the art decoupage project I did
for my daughters Keepers Club.
I took pictures of all the girls so they
can make their own little piece of art.
This is my example to show them.

I made this little art piece to represent Freckles
and her love of playing outside.
My girl is the kind of girl who absolutely LOVES
playing with dolls and dressing in dresses....
Yet, she also LOVES to play outside, climbing trees
and exploring her little world around her.

The saying
"For as long as I can remember"
Is true to a child.
Partly sad because when we grow up, we only
remember little snippets of our childhood.
Some more than others.
I ask my kids if they
remember something at a certain age...
and they answer back, that they don't remember.
Oh , so sad!

I too, can't remember certain
things from my own childhood.
Why is it that we can't remember ?
Well, this picture captures her sweet little character
and hopefully will remind her of some of her
happy childhood moments outside.
Tell me some of your childhood memories!


  1. Wonderful, I love your sense of style xoxox Clarice

  2. So sweet!!
    You are an amazing Mommy!
    Love you my daughter