Friday, February 19, 2010

Who Said....

Laundry is not fun?
Well, it all depends on how you look at it.
Laundry is life.
I know, I know....
I don't always like doing it myself.
But, why get bothered about it.
You too can have fun!!

I know I did a similar post about laundry last August...
But us ladies need to be inspired more often than none....

A good place to start is, trying to make it a happy, cheery place.
Decorate a bit.
I have collected some fun vintage pieces,
folk art, as well as Black Americana.

These girls are my little helpers.
I just take one little look at them and smile.
I know I am not alone.

Have little containers on hand that hold smelly yummies...
you know, detergent, fabric softeners and such.
Take a whiff of lavender and it will surely put you under a happy spell.

Lastly don't forget to.....

It takes more muscles to frown.
Have a happy laundry day from my home to yours!


  1. I love this post bathroom unfortunately is also my laundry room but I do have fun things in there to make me smile....I have a little washtub just like yours I have been planing to fix up just as you have this one.....I so love your style....colorful and the rag dolls too...very sweet....thanks so much for sharing and do have a blessed weekend.

  2. Love, did I say love your laundry room xoxox Clarice

  3. Love, LOVE your laundry room Mica. No surprise there though! I love everything about you! xxoo

  4. mica, what a sweet post. love how youve decorated your laundry room. did you make those dolls?
    I'm smiling!

  5. Well it should be a pleasure to do laundry now right?
    Love the dolls and the canisters you are storing things in. Very nice sweetie.
    Hugs and I love you

  6. Hello! I found your blog via blog-hopping! Congratulations on your move! What a wonderful laundry nook - it's so important to beautify even the smallest areas of our homes!