Monday, February 22, 2010

Be Still......

"Be still and know that I am God"

Psalm 46:10
As much as I think or feel I can do it all myself!
I must remember to
be still.
I have worked non stop for the past
month and a half trying to prepare for our move.
It is almost finished.
( the unpacking part)
Meanwhile my little family ended up ill,
my hubby sprained his ankle, which left me with
minimal help towards the end.
Oh no, But God is good.
Our dear friends called me out of the blue and said
they were coming to help me get things done!
I didn't even have to ask.
They came and helped us out...
And now there's light at the end of the tunnel!

Until I ended up sick this last week too!
It was a rough, miserable week.
Until this little voice in my mind repeated
"Be still".
I opened my Bible.
And was lovingly reminded to
be still
and know that God is in control.
Never to worry, never to fret.
He is in control!
I needed that gentle reminder.
It truly was a better day for me...
I was able to put our daughters room together!
I know I cannot do things all on my own.


  1. I hope youre feeling better now. HUGS!!

  2. Although it is sometimes very hard to do, I always try to be still and let God work His magic in my life. I sometimes need reminding though. Glad you are all getting settled after the move. Moving is so very stressful! xxoo

  3. Hi Mica,so sorry to hear of the misfortunes..hope you all are on the mend now...God's word is truly a comfort...thank God for the helping hand of a dear friend....I for one have been a recipient of such a case many times..I have need to turn my head often because my mind is willing but,my body is unable to keep up...I often feel the need to do it all myself,all in a day....but,I am learning and coming to terms that the fact of the matter is that's an impossible task for,I just do what I can and realize that there is always work to be done so,what can't be done now can be done later....hope I am making since and not just rambling
    I know moving is a huge task and I am so sure you are relieved to be at the end of yours.....
    On a another note....I had to go look at your previous post again...I love your laundry room...blessings to all

  4. I Love youMy Favorite Proverbs 31 wife!!!! I am going to be still with you knowing that God is in control! I love you my forever Sister and Friend!!


  5. Mica, I found your beautiful blog through Marie's place. I especially like your post about your laundry room. So pretty!

  6. The only blessing in our times of needs, is seeing how God meets that need. I hope you are feeling better xoxoxo Clarice