Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pray For Ben...

We just got word from our Pastor back home that his son, our brother in Christ was hit by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, he was driving lead HV in convey. He's in a hospital in Afghanistan, and is critical. His name is Pfc. Ben 15th cavalry Airborne. His arms and legs are broken, ankles,shins and spine.
At the present time he is in a morphine coma.

This is Ben with his parents.

Pray for him please!!!
Our hearts are going out for him!!!


  1. Father God,we come to you on behalf of this man,Ben...we pray you will bless him with a miracle of a healing to his body,ease his pan and grant peace to his family and friends...honor him Lord for his dedication to you and to his the precious and holy name of your son Christ Jesus...Amen

    I will request prayer in our church service tonight as well....

    Blessings to your family Mica and also to the Ben's family as well....

  2. Prayers sent!! I will have faith that he will have a full recovery. keep us posted, K?
    hugs to you.

  3. I am so sorry, I am praying and please let us know how he is doing. Clarice

  4. Oh Mica, I pray with all my heart this brave young man can conquer all his agonies he faces. This just breaks my heart,this wonderful, courageous soldiers. Lori

  5. We are praying for Ben and his family....

  6. How is Ben doing now? I am hoping MUCH MUCH better.