Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In-n-Out Diner.....

Welcome! Happy Rednesday, hosted by 

Today we take you to In-N-Out....
If you have never been to California...
You may not know about this awesome hamburger joint.
They have this saying...
In-N-Out...In-N-Out That's What a hamburgers all about!!!
It reminds me of a fifties sort of joint. They started out in 1948 and never changed the menu since. They don't use anything frozen...all veggies are cut up fresh everyday and hamburger is never frozen. They never use frozen french fries.They are cut up fresh and cooked in a low cholesterol oil.

Well to keep with Rednesday...
I thought I would share our little dinner outing...
little snippets of red are throughout the restaurant....
I just love it!

Oh and did you know that under each 
In-N-Out cup you will find a scripture verse?
Each size cup has a different one. 
This size has John 3 :16. Pretty cool....I think...
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son,
that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

Thanks for coming along with us. Be sure if you ever visit..
.Drive thru an In-N-Out...Their shakes are yummy too!
Have a great Rednesday.
See ya next time.

P.S Thank you to those who are praying for Ben... 
He is pretty broken literally and having to go through many surgeries. 
We hope he will come through and that he will be able to walk again.
It will surely be a long road ahead for his full recovery.


  1. this has to be the perfect Rednesday post! I LOVE this diner. Yes, it is pretty cool about the scripture. awesome is that. I wouldn't mind having a diner like that here in Canada. Wonder if they franchise out to canada..oh I would have fun working with all that red around me,,and God's Word..

  2. What a totally cool place to eat! Love it!

  3. I did not know that In-n-Out had scripture verses on their cups. Wow! They sure do make good hamburgers and shakes. Fun Rednesday post!

  4. What an absolutely delightful diner; and scripture verses!

    I'm saying a prayer for Ben.

  5. Oh yes I remember in-n-out, although I am not really a burger and fries person. How cool they have verses. Love that xoxox Clarice

  6. There's just something about red and diners. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I would love to visit there...thanks for sharing..blessings

  8. I've never been to an In-n-Out, but I have heard of them! It looks like such a fun place to dine, with the 50s style like you said. And I love that there is scripture on the bottom of the cups too. I'll be praying for your pastor's son, who was injured while so braving serving our country.
    Happy REDnesday,

  9. I'd like a double-double with grilled onions, please. I think their fries are the BEST! I even splurge and drink a Coke there.

    Happy Rednesday~

  10. Hello, it's nice to meet you!

    I'm suddenly in the mood to go out for the local diner, not in California...but here in Canada!! lol

    I'm your newest follower....

    come by and see me too @ Creative Carmelina...I'm having a giveaway....and you could be a winner!!!!

    ciao bella

  11. Hi Mica,
    You so sweetly left me a comment on my Rednesday post and I thought I'd come by and say hello!
    Your blog is lovely, I will enjoy visiting. :)

  12. oh man my husband went there just last week. I've still never been :( I love 5 guys though... have you been to one of those? ~ Chelsea Ann

  13. Mica, this is awesome! I wish I could go to a diner right now! Thanks for coordinating with my title pic today!

    I also will pray for Ben, and put a Call to Prayer on my sidebar.