Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's my birthday weekend....
Another year has gone by so quickly and hard to believe that I am still 28....
I have been 28 for a while now. 
I'd like to keep it that way.
But, I can't tell you my secret. 
Okay I will. 
The secret to staying young is being humble, cheerful and laugh a lot!
Plus exercise and eating better.
That's the goal at least.
So if you want to look 10 years longer...
just follow that and you'll be good.
You know what else really helps...
putting on a little make- up and dressing up for your HONEY!

Well...on another note.
My (GOD) garden left me a wonderful birthday gift!
I got all these beautiful yellow roses.
They are gorgeous. 
And even looks sweet right next to the new painting I did.

While we're here I thought I would give 
you a little glimpse of a corner of our home.
This is the armoire in the family room which we keep Miss Freckles school books & supplies in... 
I painted the inside doors with chalkboard paint so that
she can write her spelling lists and do math problems on. 
I put just a few of my favorite things on top...that give me a smile.
On the walls I hung  pictures and art work from friends 
as well as Miss Freckles sweet drawing.
I love it!

Hope you enjoyed your stay with me. 
I am off now to hang out with the family and celebrate!.

Have A Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy birthday Mica, wish I was there to make you chocolate pate. Gosh I feel 12 ;-p
    I know you are being totally pampered birthday girl xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Happy Birthday Mica! 28 huh? I hope your nose doesnt grow girlfriend! lol! I wish I was 28 too!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Mica! I love you so much! Hope you are pampered today, you deserve it my daughter ")