Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is a post of snippets from our week with our friends
who came down to visit us from Washington. 
A couple pics. from the garden walk we went through.

The fun time we had browsing through the antique malls. 
A yo yo quilt I would have loved to bring home...
but the sticker price of $265.00 blew me away!
Freckles plays a teeny tiny cute!
Oooh and old children favorite!

We also had a bit of fun at The Wild Animal Park...
Freckles even got to splash a bit...
perfect for cooling down on a warm day.

 Our most favorite part of the Wild Animal Park
is of course the elephants! 
We got to see Horton and even two more 
new babies just born in February and April. 
They are absolutely adorable. 
There are actually 8 baby ellies there!

Miss Freckles even bellowed out her famous elephant call. 
We had a great time there..
just letting loose and being wild!

We were so sad to have to see them leave yesterday. 
But surely, we have some awesome memories together.

Our friends are true blessings!


  1. Time spent with good friends is pretty special and as hard as it is sometimes to say goodbye, you just know that when you meet again it will be as if time has stood still, and the separation was only a fleeting moment! Loved all the pictures Mica!! xxoo

  2. Sure looked like you had a wonderful time. I'm blown away by that price of the yo yo quilt too,,it IS gorgeous, just too expensive for this lady here!

  3. Mica, Thank you so much for getting in touch! Absolutely you are in! What state would you like to scrap? I apologize for my mistake, I did miss your response e-mail. I went ahead and set 15 participants just in case I was mistaken. Thank you again for lending your artistry! Elizabeth

  4. Me again Mica, I wanted to let you know that your comment to me on this tag post was delayed in posting. I know this because I see that I responded to Paula Clare's question. Your's wasn't there yet. I'm counting you "IN" should there be a delay again. So very happy to have you! Elizabeth

  5. Ha, now I know you are an HS mama, you love old childrens books like me xoxoxox Clarice

  6. What a fun day it looked like you had! Love all the vibrance in your pictures. The yoyo quilt is beautiul! I have made a few yoyo quilted items. They are a lot of fun to make and fun to look at!

  7. Mica,
    I just checked out your sock monkey blog-those are the cutest things I've ever seen. I have a small collection of monkeys, but have never seen any in those colors. Love it!

  8. Miss Freckles looking so coy and cute into the camera...that girl's going to break some hearts in a few years!