Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello there! 
This week sure has flown by. It is hard to believe that we are going into the second week of April already. Wow! Last week Mr. Darling and I celebrated 16 years of marriage bliss. We went out to a lovely brunch. What do I order? French toast! It was magical really....Big slices of goodness,slathered with whipped butter and drenched in maple syrup....sticky, gooey bliss I tell ya!
Then we celebrated Resurrection Sunday with our friends and a huge Californian earthquake!
The beginning of this week was just playing catch up on school work, chores and such. 
Suddenly it was Hump Day ( Wednesday ) Miss Freckles had her monthly Keepers group..... 
The girls worked on their sticheries, shared our Mother + Daughter quilts we have been working on
( I will show you later next week)
They made a Stamp It Up Birthday Calendar and faux Russian eggs.
I have also been busy  in the kitchen....
baking and pureeing veggies and fruits to add to recipes.
I even started growing some wheat grass in my kitchen to add to smoothies.
It has been baby steps for me to implement healthier alternatives...
But ,I am coming around, making more of a conscious effort
for the sake of my families health as well as my own.

Today we enjoyed a lovely lunch break with our friends. 
Then the kids and I made an iced cold pitcher of Pink Strawberry lemonade..
While adding scrumptious strawberries to it.
  And...Strawberries are now in season.
We have found several Strawberry stands on corners in town. 
We'll be doing a lot with them... 
Anyone have any good recipes involving strawberries???

If you have a moment...stop by for a cold glass of lemonade won't you?

Lastly I am still working on those bees I have mentioned 
and shown peeks of, well, I ended up detouring 
off to another painting that was in my mind.
I had to let it out.
Hope you like it!!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Our anniversay was last weekend too! happy anniversary! I would love to sit around visiting in sunny CA sipping on perfectly pink lemonaid with you! Have a great weekend!

  2. You will have to try the broccoli meatballs. Earthquake, well, welcome to CA. But all the beautiful produces it the bright side of living in CA xoxoxo Clarice

  3. I am so proud of you getting healthy Mica.
    Your lemonade looks so good, I will be right over!!

    It is still cold here though, 22 degrees this morning. Can you send so spring our way please.
    The painting looks so sweet. Can't wait to see the Bees :)
    Love ya