Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Gingham ......

It is Rednesday at  
This is my first time joining in on the fun....
So,I couldn't pass it up. 

 Let's take a visit to my laundry room where you will find a little ironing going on.
Yup, I iron.
I have recently switched to using cloth napkins.
Red Gingham ones to be exact.
I have decided it is cheaper and very friendly on the environment.

They are also a lot more durable for those messy faces!
I picked them up at the dollar store.
( 2 for a buck!)
Oh and don't you just LOVE my daughters little red toy iron?
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of REDNESS!!!
Please do come again!


  1. I'm overload with red gingham in this house...but I SO love it!!! lol.

    I have it pretty much EVERYWHERE,,lol.

    I adore your iron too...Thanks for sharing. We have started using cloth napkins for a few years now. I SO love it..not only better for the environment, but it brings me back to the 'good ole' days.

  2. I have a girlfriend that only uses cloth napkins and have always liked that concept. BUT, I won't even go there as to why that just wouldn't work in these household...boys, dirty boys!! Anyways, I love, love the red gingham and that cute little iron, adorable. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. :)

  3. First I have to say that your blog is so cute, with all the great things you have on your sidebars, and I love that picture in your header of the spools of thread heart!
    I like your gingham napkins, and bless you for helping the environment! And your daughter's little red iron is so cute, and would make such an adorable bookend or decoration to use when she outgrows it!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. I love those red checked napkins! I use cloth napkins too. So much nicer than paper ones. I actually enjoy ironing napkins. Puts me in a "zen moment". I love that little vintage red toy iron. Too cute!!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Oh, you can't go wrong with red gingham! and that iron is just too cute!

    We are a family of cloth napkin users as well. I started picking them up at thrift stores and clearance sales. Just a couple of days ago we were at a friends house for dinner and my 2 year old saw the paper napkin and announced they had Mcdonald's linens! LOL

  6. Hi Mica! I love red gingham - it's so Summery. I've always gone through phases with cloth napkins. I'm in a paper phase right now! I love your yellow rose photo in the post below!

  7. I love your reds , very good economical idea !

  8. Those napkins are so sweet! You can never have enough gingham! And I love the iron.....what dollar stoe had these great finds???? Welcome to Rednesday! It is a lot of fun!!!!!
    I have been thinking about cloth napkins too....makes better sense that is for sure!
    But you say you iron....what is an iron??? LOL

  9. Hi Mica and welcome to REDnesday! Your blog is cay-ute. I like your daughter's red iron and your gingham cloth napkins. I guess I grew up too country or something. I just can't bring myself to deface a perfectly clean cloth napkin with my messy mouth ;) But, I do have cloth napkins - love them.

  10. absolutely delightful! I love those little towels. Hope to see you back at my place. until later...

  11. You had me at Red Gingham ;-p xoxoxox Clarice

  12. You still iron.? You are so thrifty my dear.
    Love you and love your Red Laundry room!