Friday, May 21, 2010

A Girl & Her Guinea Pig....

The GIRLS had a lovely afternoon frolicking in the yard together. 
Miss Freckles is smitten with her special pet
( Oreo)
It's amazing how quickly those little critters grow. 
She has grown twice her size in the last couple months.

Somebody say ( CUTE ) !!!!

Oreo is not one to venture out far...
Every time we left her in the middle of the yard,
she would let out little squeaky cries and run for us.

She looks so tiny in these pics.
This little Guinea piggy fills both my hands... 
 and she is quite heavy too!!!
No wonder why they call them pigs.

She even tried on Miss Freckle's hat for size...
 It was too big for her head....

She was quite content to be in it eating
her fresh parsley from the garden.
Hope you have a Happy Friday!


  1. I love Oreo and I love Freckles. The two together, well . . . just adorable!! My brother's girls have guinea pigs. xxoo
    PS sorry about the doll!! Maybe next time!

  2. How stinking CUTE! Both miss Freckles and Oreo! makes me want one too. Have a delightful weekend!

  3. them both and the hat...sweet....blessings

  4. Oh my gosh Oreo, is charming xoxox Clarice

  5. I know when you have two of these little cuties, they breed like crazy! This one does kind of steal your heart, doesn't she?