Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Delightful Dessert To Start Your Weekend!!!

Feelin' like somethin' sweet, chocolaty, and nutty with
the delectable taste of Raspberries?
I have stumbled upon these delish fruits in the grocers... 
I am sure you have seen them... 
Their labels kinda have that vintage feel to them.
I never bought it because of the price...
I gave in this time to make a scrumptious dessert.

If you LOVE Raspberries like I do....
Then this recipe is for you!!!!
To make these rich, yet sweet, divine Raspberry treats

And look...You can even use the cans afterward
for a fun Summery table setting.

Have a great weekend......
Happy baking!!!


  1. Delicious looking squares Mica, but that tin is my favourite part of this post! I love anything that looks old like that! xxoo

  2. Does look divine, thank you xoxox Clarice

  3. I'm starving now, thanks! And all I want is what you got. How the heck can I get it here to Canada? Come on, drive over PLEASE!!!

  4. This looks just toooooo good. You and I have one BIG thing in common....our LOVE for red! I even tried three time to have a red headed child! Have had to settle for red all over the house and covering my aged body. Keep those post a’comin’. I look forward to reading them. Hugs...Genie

  5. Oh my! Love those cans! I do love raspberry and certainly chocolate. Sounds incredibly delish!

  6. How exciting They are even from Oregon! I love you Sister!!!