Monday, May 24, 2010

The Fairy House...

What ever happened to the good ole watering cans that would withstand any weather? Not this one. Poor thing got weak in the climate and broke off the spout. At first I thought it was trash.... Then the other day Freckles was playing fairies...

She mentioned how she wanted to make a fairy house...
I thought..Hmmm...I know just the thing.
I brought the broken watering can in from the yard and
asked her if she would want to make this into a fairy house.

I really didn't have to ask that question...
Of course she wanted to make it into a fairy house. 
Then, I offered her my paints to decorate it however she wanted.
She painted grass and flowers...
It was just the perfect house for the fairies in our garden.

She left them honey...
Since they like sweet things to eat.

She even found the tiniest little flowers that make
the perfect little tea cups of sorts, which they can drink from.

She then decorated the inside with natural
furnishings and gave them a little broom ...
in which to keep their home tidy.
( You know fairies are the tidiest of creatures?)
Freckle was quite proud of her little fairy home...
I told her she could put it anywhere she liked in the garden. 
She chose the nicest spot in the corner under greenery and flowers
Just perfect for her tiny little tenants to keep home.
"Garden fairies come at dawn,
Bless the flowers then they're gone."
Have A Sweet Fairy Kind Of Day!!!!


  1. I loved this Mica! How totally adorable. What a sweet idea. xxoo

  2. Wonderful...she is quite the little artist..just like mama....blessings on your week dear Mica....

  3. We love fairy houses and what a perfect reuse. I am sure a fairy is already feeling right at home. Clarice

  4. That old watering can is now the perfect little fairy house! Please tell Freckles that she made it so pretty and magical, and that fairies are very shy, so she'll have to sneak up on them to see them!

  5. How lovely. It's the perfect home for fairies now!

  6. What an imagination this child has and her talent is growing ever day. Love it Bri !!
    I am sure the fairies do too :)


  7. Oh Mica, this is so sweet. My heart is getting all melty thinking about your sweet girl and her fairy home. I think it was the broom that brought on the tender heart. I hope she knows that with such a welcoming little spot she'll soon have it filled with many sweet little garden fairies. Hope she catches a glimpse of some of them.