Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Spent....

The past several days Freckles has been ill with the flu.
After My son gave it me, 
I gave it to Mr. Darling who in return gave it to Freckles. 
It's a vicious circle.
For some reason it just seems harder on the little ones.
This flu had struck us with mega head aches, neck aches,
fever, pain throughout body, sore throats and coughing..... Nasty stuff.
Poor Freckles has been running a fever today. 
It makes me sad to see her so sick.
  Her Time was spent on her bed reading a bit.

I captured these photos of her on her pretty bed, 
sitting on an older Ganny my Grandmother made when I was younger.
It is perfect in Freckles room. The roses so sweet!

My dear Freckles loves her bed room and bed which
is adorned with some vintage fabrics...
An old quilt that is quite tattered hangs on her wall... 
while vintage sheets make up her bed.

Perfectly cozy for her when shes under the weather.
I went to check on her a while later and the poor dear fell asleep.

Get well my sweet girl!!!


  1. Bless her heart. I hope you all get well real soon.

  2. sorry to hear you have all been under the weather. Hope that Freckles is feeling better soon. How could she not be . . . with such a beautiful room of her own, and you to care for her!! xxoo

  3. This beautiful post warms my heart. The handwork on the bed cover is lovely and I am sure I real treasure for you all. The photos of Freckles are touching. HOpe you all have a better day today. Hugs, Genie

  4. Poor thing...I hope she is feeling better very soon...her room is so very all the vintage-ness in it....the elephant sock thingy is adorable...Praying the flu bug has finished its course in your household....blessings

  5. I stopped by to see your red posts for wednesday but read that your little one is sick. The picture of her sleeping is so precious. I know as moms we wish we could take the sickness away from our little ones and make them all better. I am sure having a cozy sweet bed to fall peacefully asleep in, wrapped up in memories from another generation helps. I hope she feels better. P.S. Love the big carrot for Mama Mia.

  6. What a little cutie-pie she is! Well, if you have to be sick, then you should have the bedroom of your dreams to get better in. And this one is a beauty!

  7. Oh my you have all had a rough go of it with that flu :( I sure hope that this will be the last of it now that it sounds like you have all had it! Hope she feels better real quick ;)

  8. I forgot to mention that I just LOVE the bedspread with the granny square flowers :) So sweet! I'm working on some squares for a crocheted blanket right now to that are very similar and I love seeing what others have done with their squares :)

  9. Oh we understand, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon xoxo Clarice