Monday, May 31, 2010

To Market.....

The flu is finally behind us ! 
And...Summer is on it's way!!!
Thank you to all who sent well wishes and prayers our way. 
Miss Freckles is back to her spunky self again too !
We went out this weekend to the Farmers Market.

We walked around it once to get a feel for what
they were selling and comparing prices. 
Which is a smart thing to do since many farmers price
things differently from one another.

We had time to goof off too!
Of course Miss Freckles likes to monkey around!!

We didn't leave with much... 
Just a basket of organic strawberries, a head of lettuce,
range free jumbo eggs, and organic raw honey yum!

It was a fabulous day at the market.
Now I am off to plan a birthday....
someone is turning 16!!!!


  1. Farmer markets are sooo much fun but I can rarely afford them. But it looked like a beautiful CA day. Glad Freckles is better. Clarice

  2. Sixteen is a biggie! Miss Freckles looks adorable out there in the sun, enjoying herself. Love farmers markets!