Friday, June 18, 2010


I came into Freckles room... 
It was so bright and cheery as the sun shown through her bedroom window.
I thought I would give you a few glimpses of her room and some of her collections. The top pic. is of her antique dresser given to her from her Gramma in Washington.
This is of course where she keeps her clothes and keeps some of  her favorite things on top.

This darling vintage furry yellow ellie was surely
well loved for years until we adopted her. 
She will get many more years of love I am sure. 
Her sweet tin was a thrifting find for a buck...
she keeps her earrings and other jewelery in it.
It fits perfectly with her room colors too!

If you can't tell already, she loves elephants! 
I made her this cute pink sugar elephant from a vintage spool 
which already had the yummy pink thread on it. See the old talcum powder?
Not only is it a pretty canister, it still has the powder in it,
which she uses sometimes after a bubble bath.

This sweet elephant planter has been with us for quite a while... 
Freckles keeps little treasures in it...

Remember the Ellie I made her for Christmas?
She sits happily on the dresser and gets frequent hugs and kisses.

We didn't unpack all her vintage dolls since her room is much smaller on space. 
This one is one of her favorites... 
Once in a while she will go through her dolls packed 
away and play with them, but then they have to be packed away again...
for now at least.

She has her little vintage elephant collection on a little shelf on the wall. 
She adores this lil Dumbo.... 
It reminds her of her first Dumbo ride and Disneyland trip when she was two.

You've heard the sweet song from your childhood....
"Mary had a little lamb"? 
Well in Freckles world it is,
"Mary had a little Elephant"! 
Sweet Mary was given to her by our dear friend Susan
before we moved to California.
If I am not mistaken it belonged to her mother.
I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into her room. 
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I loved this Mica! What a delightful room it is! Loved all the treasures, but especially the dolls! xxoo

  2. Oh my freckles has the most charming room. I want everything. I especially love her doll. xoxox Clarice

  3. Such joy and fun to be found in a little girl's room. Filled to the brim with her special treasures.

  4. I love Freckles sweet...she is such a girl after her mamas own heart....all her things are so cute...thanks for letting us visit ......blessings and a Happy Father's day to your dear husband....

  5. Pretty room!
    She does have some unique things there :)
    Love you