Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day....

My dear Mr. Darling is the picture of a loving, sacrificial father. He is the first man in my life that I have known to be the ultimate dad to his children. I am not just saying that to puff him up... Since the day we brought home our first born, to life's struggles, the loss of our second child, the birth of our third, finishing his degree while working a full time job, to full time Seminary at present...he is and always have been Godly, patient
 ( as well as one can be),
loving, giving, mentoring, honorable, loyal, genuine, always there for us and true from day one. I have experienced through him things I have not had the opportunity to experience in my younger life, due to a childhood of inconsistency, trials and unfortunate pain of a broken home. Not to say I never loved my father, I always have and do to this day. We have a better relationship now then we had many, many heartbreaking years ago... I am truly blessed that he is my dad  and all that is behind us... We have built a sweet relationship I am very proud of.. I have also been blessed with a step father. Being as young as he was, with no biological children of his own, coming into a broken family, I have to say I really look up to him for enduring those dreadful teen age years and hurt he had to live with over the years. I call him dad too... and proud to also call him a wonderful friend.

Yet, it is in my husband, through his endless love and faithfulness in God and his family that makes him a one of a kind dad. My children and I are blessed beyond measure, in which I owe completely to my Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a gift.
May you have a wonderful Father's Day!


  1. Beautiful heartfelt post Mica. I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. Happy Father's day to your husband. What a lovely and special family you are. xxoo

  2. Ohhh, beautiful, very touching. What a great blessing to have Good Daddies.

  3. Every word is true. Happy Fathers Day son.
    I was not sure if you were back from Maine so I sent text to Vinnie but never got an answer. It is too late to call now but Happy Fathers Day! You are a great Father!

    Love you guys...i will call soon :)

  4. Very lovely post Mica,and coming straight from your heart of hearts are truly blessed ...God has certainly smiled upon you.....blessings on you and your sweet family....

  5. God has blessed you and blessed your husband. He is doing a mighty work through both of you xoxox Clarice