Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Cake Will Not Ruin The Day....

My son wants to thank you for the birthday wishes you all sent him.
He had a great birthday week.
In our home we celebrate each birthday for the whole week...
The cards always seem to come in the mail throughout the weeks span,
 we go out and do a few special things that week. 
So why not celebrate it all week!

He had a fun day with his best friend the day before his big day. 
They spent the whole day together, had lunch and went shopping,
took a swim and played games till midnight. 
Then on his big day we took him out to a nice dinner and a show.

And since we got home late that night...
we celebrated with birthday cake the next day. 
Okay... I know what your thinking...the cake looks terrible.
It looks terrible on the outside, but it was oh so good. I will tell you the sad tale.
I love using my bundt pan for cakes.
I sprayed it down well...baked the cake, let it cool completely....
blah, blah, blah.
But when I went to take the cake out it got stuck and lost the top almost completely. 
Sad.... I was so bummed.
I poured the frosting over it anyway.

My son was such a great sport about it... 
let me tell you that was not his first messed up birthday cake....
About four years ago. I had his cake..
I thought I had a good hold of it as I carried it over to the table.
(Slow motion, trying to catch it before it fell)
It fell over on the floor smashed and broken.
We picked it up and salvaged what we could...
stuck the candles in it and had it anyway. 
The cake was ruined!
But his birthday wasn't!

No matter the disaster... In the end the music still plays on... 
He had a great day no matter.
A smushed cake wasn't going to ruin the day.
Tell me... have you ever had a birthday disaster?
Inquiring minds would love to know.
Do tell!!!


  1. We always celebrate the whole week too.....well, at least I DO!!!

  2. Looks like a perfect birthday week. Oh I am sure the cake way yummy xoxoxo Clarice

  3. Mica, Not a worry at all about a silly tag swap. I think we were all excited in the spring, and I myself have puttered nearly out! I do wish your family well this summer. Families, they are what makes the world go around! Elizabeth

  4. Looks like you had fun and I really love the way the cake looks! Unique right?
    Love you guys

  5. My birthday is in February, which is a short month. So I tend the last few years to just celebrate the whole month! The taste is what it's all about. I don't think a young man much cares what it looks like, hon.

  6. Birthday disasters Guess not . but those bundt cake pans HMMMM I am making a carrot cake for my husbands 60 next week and using bundt cake OH NOOO

  7. Very Happy belated B-D to your son Mica...we did have a disaster of sorts on JW's 6th B-D. I purchased a cake ready made from Walmart...the blue icing had way to much food coloring...everyone had blue lips,tongue and teeth...dark blue ..also,stained a new dress of was awful..I will never forget that one...what a mess...but,as you say the party went on and everyone had a good,12 years later..we can look back and laugh about it....blessings to all...

  8. Who hasn't had a cake disaster!!! I have had too many to count, and most of them revolve around cakes that stuck to the pan, no matter the effort I made to make sure that they wouldn't!! Looks like you have had a fun Birthday week, cake disaster or not! xxoo

  9. I had to giggle over the cake *grin*. When my daughter turned 2 I made this super cute cake using a bundt pan and an angel food recipe. I iced it like a princess dress with a doll in the center. It looked perfect except for when I went to cut it the cake squashed way down like a pancake and wouldn't cut while the outer shell stood rock hard! I had to massacre it just to get each piece of cake out *grin*. Glad your son had a great birthday week :)