Friday, June 4, 2010

Sundresses and Strawberries....

Well I finally planned out our summer projects and activities,
in hopes that we will do at least most of them.....whew! 
We're kicking the Summer off with sundresses and strawberries.

Freckles and I went out to the fabric shop and picked out a few fun Summery fabrics to make sundresses with. This is the first one I got finished. Just in time for the warmer weather we are getting. Freckles picked this one out her self. I think it was a great choice...It's so flowery and fruity and Polka Dottie!

We even found this adorable 
headband that matches perfectly!

Today we went to a strawberry stand and picked up
a flat of  plumpy berries for jam making tomorrow!
Of course before we cook  and can them up... 
we will certainly enjoy eating a few!

Here is my Summer list....
Now to choose what we will do next.....Hmmm !
What fun plans do you have for Summer?


  1. What a pretty sundress! Just perfect for eating strawberries in!! Love your summer plans as well! xxoo

  2. Oh this would be a great post for Rednesday wed! I forgot it is Pink Sat and thought it was Red SAt!! Ha! So pretty!!! Love it all. Looks like lots of fun planned. I always loved summertime with the kids--it just had such a wonder and enjoyment about it!

  3. Oh Freckles, I want that dress.
    Summer fun, well sun and some heat might help !!!! Making ice cream, sea glass collecting, berry picking, roasting marshmellows, that is a few off the top of my head xoxoxo Clarice

  4. Your summer delights look wonderful. I might have to borrow some of your ideas. I really like the idea of list - I don't want to be tied to it, but it would be fun to plan some of these things - otherwise they might not happen.

    Love Freckles' dress. So cute. Please tell her she has excellent taste in fabric. Wish I could sew. Well, wish I could sew better. Maybe this will the summer I improve.

  5. This post certainly shouts Summer the summer dress and those strawberrys look yummy....looks like a great plan you have for the warmer months....enjoy....I will most likely be staying indoors a lot this is too hot for me already...blessings

  6. I really love the dress Mica.
    Love the model too!!

    What a pretty little girl.
    The strawberries look so yummy, bet the jam will turn out delicious. Yum, yum :)

  7. Fabulous Pics ! She looks lovely in the new dress ! The strawberries look yummy !

  8. Oh so much yumminess!! We're waiting on a batch of strawberry/orange yogurt popsicles in the freezer right now :) Love the fabric Freckles picked out for her new sundress to :) Super cute!

    Our summer plans include camping, hiking, beach combing, laying in the shade under the hemlock trees, reading, swimming, eating ice cream and oh so much more *grin*.

    Sounds like you have a great summer of fun planned :)