Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Was Little Once ? ....

About 37 years ago these pictures were taken of  little me. I dug them out from a box .... They have been slides for all these years. I don't have a slide projector to even see them, so decided to take them to a photo center to get them developed. It is like Christmas...Pictures I have only been able to view on a slide which looks very much like a negative. I look at these and can't believe it is even me at all. 
I was little once?

I was kind of the "SURPRISE" baby. I wasn't planned... 
But here I am anyway.
 And look at those roly poly legs.
I must have been learning to walk at that time.
Looks like I may have needed a diaper change too! LOL!
Why is it that we cannot remember being this little?
Childhood is to be some of the happiest times for youngsters
and we can't even remember most of it later.
I can remember only snippets , like glimpses or pictures of things,
yet cannot tell you when it was, or where...
let alone if it really even happened. Kinda sad.
I ask my kids if they remember being little like this
and they reply that most of it they don't remember either...
only pictures will remind you that you were really little once.

I had to laugh at these pics.
I am so little I can't even reach those petals to ride that trike... 
Looks like I was falling all over the place.
Yet, I do look quite determined to ride it anyway.
And my parents were just watching and snapping photos. Too funny!
My mom is in the background. Get a load of that big hairdo! 
Well, I will close for now. We are off to celebrate my mom's birthday this weekend. 
I will have to share some more of my childhood pics. later!
Have a great weekend!


  1. What a cute you were and are. I remember places like the apartment we lived in when I was 1 1/2 and another one when I was 3. But not people, just decor ;-)
    xoxox Clarice

  2. Ha! You look a lot like your daughter! I did smile at your mom's hair style--it would be fun to have a big hair day, wouldn't it!

  3. Hi Mica,I love the pictures of were a beautiful baby....I was just having some of the same thoughts about childhood....trying my best to remember....I do think it a shame that we can remember so little...but,then I think if we were allowed to remember all of our past there would certainly be those memories that would haunt us daily(in my case anyway)so in some ways it is a blessing in disguise. I choose to try and remember the best of memories and pictures open a door to do mama and daddy have been going through all their pictures and they have lots....I found some of me as a little one to....yes,even I was once a little a great weekend and blessings to you and the family.

  4. And what a cutie-patootie you were! All determination and roly-poly legs along with it.

  5. oh you are sooooo cute
    I love the one of you trying to reach the peddle on the trike :)
    Ijust want to kiss those cute little cheeks.
    Love you