Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday Summer Sundress ...

I finally finished Freckles second sundress last night!
Now I have to finish up our picnic blanket...
and a couple summery tops for my girl. I have been busy sewing away.
As you may have noticed Freckles is my little model in a lot of my pictures. 
I must confess I think my girl is a cutie pie, and 
I just can't help but take her picture.

To be honest there are times she doesn't like me pointing the camera in her face.LOL! Yet, she is always quite a good sport about it. We have had many mother, daughter conversations about vanity..... In which at her very young age, she understands. In person she is actually a quiet, shy girl...Usually latched on my side, peeking from my back. She is not one to make a spectacle of herself or the center of attention. She is also quite conscience of her modesty ( without prompting by me). She is not one to wear or pick out clothing that is (in fashion) by the worlds standards or inappropriate for girls her age. She is becoming the little maiden I have prayed for her to be. She makes this Momma proud!

I pray her innocence will not be lost to the world's vanity. As far as I can see...
Her character shows quite the opposite of this world. 
She is one fun loving little girl, filled with a tender, sweet, childlike imagination.
And she has one of the funniest sense of humors to top.

I'm snapping these shots, telling her to pose and she gives me her goofy little self!
I wish you all knew her like I do!

In the Bible, Paul speaks to Christian women of the “ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.” And the girl who is growing into a perfect woman is noticed for her kindness, sympathy, gentleness, sweetness of spirit, and her willingness to be of service. There is about her a humility that makes you feel that she does not despise you and think you below her, that she is rather thinking of your happiness than her own personal appearance.

These beautiful graces—kindness, sympathy, humility, gentleness, purity—are the real ornaments of beautiful girlhood. But it is in the ornaments that clothe and beautify her soul and mind that make her a lovable and desirable creature who carries happiness and cheer wherever she goes. Seek first the more beautiful inner ornaments and then clothe the body so that those more important ornaments are not hidden.
~Excerpt borrowed from
Lord I pray...
Strengthen us to reject vanity and the worldly 
motivations for beauty but rather beautify us 
for the good of our loved ones and your glory.

Have a Blessed Sunday!


  1. Your daughter is adorable, her sundress and bandana so cheery, and those photos of you on your trike are the cutest. I have a b/w of me with curls all over my head on my red trike with its basket and bell. It cracks me up each time I see it. Now, I am totally gray, still full of curls, but a whole lot older. I enjoyed both posts. Hugs, Genie

  2. What sweet photos! I'm always happy to find other moms who are seeking to rear Godly young women!

  3. Freckle’s is adorable and I love her dress. I have been praying since my girls have been little to teach them how to be themselves, express their uniqueness and creative, yet in a modest way. So far I am impressed with my daughters. I can see the same in Freckles xoxox Clarice

  4. Your daughter is adorable and I think the shot with the cute doggie is the best. Shows her natural beauty and sweetness. I think you captured her with that one. Cute dress too, but daughter is cuter! How old is she? My one and only is 9 and she also still has that young girl attitude and joy and faith.

  5. LOVE her out fit MIca!
    She is just so cute!!! I miss you guys so much. Thanks for sharing so many photos of her. I love you all!!

  6. Oh Mica I just love all of your sewing projects you have been up to this last week. So much fun to catch up on your blog :)

    Freckles just looks so lovely in her new dress and what a lovely prayer. Are you a regular subscriber to Beautiful Girlhood? I had a subscription a little over a year ago but have let it lapse as my daughter is still young but it is such a lovely magazine!

    I have so enjoyed my time catching up tonight. (((Hugs)))