Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's A Hair Day...

Here I am about two years old riding my red trike in a little dress. ( love the dress and those lil tennies) I am naturally a curly headed gal...But notice, all my sweet curls are not there... My Mom lost her patience somewhere along the line when my hair would grow out , she claimed that I would scream when she would brush my hair or that my curly locks would get too tangled. I suppose they didn't have Johnson&Johnson No Tears de~tangling spray in those days..So, my Mom would cut my hair a little boy. So sad. I always wondered why she cut it all off and why my sister would get the long hair and I didn't.

Up to my middle school years is when I must have taken over my own hair...That is when I finally grew it out myself. I never had a problem combing it all out. For years I detested my short hair. I also realized later, I do still have those curls. My daughter too, inherited my curlies... I was bound and determined that I was not going to do that to her...It has taken much patience and time to keep her hair pretty. It is true that curls get tangled and frizz flies everywhere, but well worth the energy to keep a beautiful head of hair in order. I have learned the art of patience through and through with the help of conditioners, de~tanglers, and a gentle hand.

Funny thing is ... Now I hide those curls hidden with a straightening iron. While straight haired girls are out spending a fortune on artificial curls, Some of us curly headed girls are trying to get rid of them.
Go figure!


  1. So sweet...even without the

  2. What a sweetie pie. Now I had stick straight hair, then in high school permed it and now it is naturally curly. I just pin curl it to tame down the frizz. I tell you, I wish I could just pick what I want that day and make my hair do it !!! Clarice

  3. I am one of those girls! In high school I would go to the salon for a perm! Love curly hair, but mine is super straight even though my dad has curly hair I got my mom's hair. I had learned to love my hair now, but I sure love curly hair!!!

  4. What a darling photo Mica.
    I love the little tennies.

    I remember those tangled curls my daughter. I tried to brush them out too! Glad you have figured it out and yes we are never happy with what we have. If we have curly we want straight, if we have straight we want curly. You are right, go figure :)
    Love ya