Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She's Queen For The Day!

It was 1960 when my Mom was crowned Daffodil Queen...
She was just a few months shy of turning ten years old. 
I used the sweet picture to design her 60th birthday
 invitations for her grand birthday party.

I made the party hats to decorate each table...
All in Summery vibrant colors.
My Mom was gracious to let me pick all the party colors... 
So I went with it!
Everything was so cheery!

I even made The Birthday Girl a special tiara.
I used another image of  her when she was a little girl.
Isn't she cute?

 Once again she is crowned Queen...
Today she is Queen for the day... 
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! The party hats and tiara are so pretty, and it looks like you made your Mom feel very special!

  2. Happy B-D to mom...what a special daughter you are..all the things you made are wonderful and I love the colors..I am sure your mom was pleased as pudding...she was so sweet in those pictures as a little girl and a very beautiful woman today....blessings..

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mother, my goodness, that is the sweetest crown. Most fit for a queen. I am sure you mother loved it. She raised the sweetest daughter xoxoxo Clarice