Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Swimming

It's not hard to get outside, especially on a nice warm Summer day and if it has anything to do with water, all the better! This week for our Monday Outdoor challenge is swimming lessons. Freckles has always loved to swim and be in the water...yet, she hasn't been a STRONG swimmer.
So, we decided since she is a fish at heart, she might as well take some lessons to help with her endurance.

Our local pool is a very nice one in fact... it even has a water wet park type area to play in. This has been a really fun way to get out, get some exercise and cool off. The past two weeks have been spent at the pool. Freckles is LOVIN' it too!

I am pleasantly pleased with how she has done... 
she is gaining her strength in the water and able to do the strokes and swimming on her back. 
Way to go Freckles! 
Last week she even graduated to the next level. 
 Woo HOO!!!

Thanks to an awesome swim instructor from the swim team... Sasha! 
It was fun! 
Now for the next two weeks we are off to the next level with a new instructor!
Hope you are keepin' it cool! No pool??? 
Well, put on those sprinklers, get outside, get wet...have fun!


  1. Way to go Bri! Grandma is proud of you.
    How fun!!
    Love you

  2. All of my kids took swimming lessons when they were little too. Theres a lady in town with a HUGE inground pool and she used to "rent" it out for the summer rec program to use to teach lessons in. They dont do that anymore, probably decided it was too much of an insurance risk or something. I'm glad that for all the years my kids were little and going that they had it!
    have a great week!

  3. What fun! We weren't able to do swimming lessons this summer, though we have in the past, but are able to spend time in our neighborhood pool. Just "playing around" has been great since they've become more comfortable in the water and are trying new things.

  4. Hee hee...she is so cute. I know she will be a full fledged fishy soon enough!