Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vail Ranch Hand....

Just outside our front door about 1/4 of a mile down the road lies the rich history of the town we live in. One of the first original Indian villages next to Temecula Creek, now in the process of restoration....Spanish Padres came over to the valley in the late 1700's. In 1868 a store called Wolf Store was built... and still stands as the oldest building structure still around in this area. Wolf’s Store became a center known as the town of Temecula. His store provided a saloon, livery stable, legal services, hotel, general store, stage stop, post office, school and employment agency. Wolf drafted a planned community to be called Louisville southwest of his store. His planned community was not to be, at least not then, and not by that name, because when train tracks were built about three miles west of his store, people moved closer to the train station to build what is now known as Old Town Temecula. After the death Of Wolf... The land was bought by the Vail's...now recognized as Vail Ranch....

It is time !!!
The stage has just arrived from Old Town Temecula's train station.
Inside the stage is the newest ( temporary) Ranch help.

There she is!
Ready to work on a trail ride with the Ranchers...

While the Ranchers are out rounding up the cattle.
This little dear will prepare their meals.

This busy little helper works hard.. from sun up to sun down.
The task is long and laborious. But she does a good job. 
The Ranchers are always welcomed with a nice hot cup of black coffee.

There is not a whole lot to work with while out on the trail.... 
Yet, she always seems to manage to make a dinner 
enough to fill the whole camp's stomachs.
All too soon, the time has come for this hired hand to leave the
Ranch, back on the stage,
to meet her train back home.

Goodbye y'all!
Thanks for coming along for the ride!!!


  1. I just love this little ranch hand!!!!! I love this post and of course all your posts, Pray for me for I am very sick, I love you and will call you soon!

    Your Sister


  2. Cool, what a fun way to learn history. By the way isn't there a bunch of wineries out there too !!!!!! xoxox Clarice