Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp Gypsy Ragz......

Hello everyone!
I hope you had a delightful Independence weekend!
We sure did....
I am kind of going out of order with the next couple posts....
So that we can participate once again for
Monday's Outdoor challenge.
Freckles and I had a grand time putting together a Gypsy Ragz Camp
between our cherry trees in the back yard.
We gathered up quilts, lace, and a few other fabrics, a few decorations ... 
and a long rope for stability

The rope was tied between both trees, as a quilt and fabrics were layered over the rope...
Many clothes pins are holding all the lace and fabrics together
making a magical little gypsy tent with enough room for two and a dog!

My little gypsy was in heaven all day.... 
we layered the floor with a couple comfy quilts, filled the inside 
with pillows and Missy's doggie bed!

We spent the late afternoon in the tent reading, playing card games,
talking, laughing and relaxing in our sweet set up. 

Our little tent even has a back entrance... 
Freckles loves the airy room, filled with all the
colorful fabrics and soft comfy pillows.... 
She prepared us to camp for the night under the stars.

 Our campsite is even complete with a kitchen area... 
She hung our cups and dishes in the trees.
Ready for an oatmeal breakfast cooked over the outside grill in the morning!

This is definitely a highlight of our Summer together... 
One that I know will be treasured and forever talked about for years to come.
We plan to camp out a few more nights in our tent, as long as it doesn't fall apart!
Be sure to stop back in to see what we were up to all weekend!
Happy Monday to you!!!


  1. How are such a fun loving mommy....what memories you two are making...cherished ones I'm sure.....thanks for sharing them with us....blessings

  2. Oh my gosh I want a gypsy camp. Yours is CHARMING. It is suppose to get warm this week (I will believe it when I see it) maybe we can make one too. Thank you for the inspiration, have fun with your girly time xoxo Clarice-who is still in her polarfleece robe

  3. You're such a good Mommy! Your daughter is going to look back on her childhood as being so magical!

  4. Takes me back to my childhood when I'd throw a quilt over a table and play underneath, feeling sheltered from the world and oh so cozy. A perfect spot for your sweet girl!

  5. awesome! what a wonderful little hideaway! Your daughter will remember this for her whole life...
    you rock Mica!
    have a great week!

  6. awesome! what a wonderful little hideaway! Your daughter will remember this for her whole life...
    you rock Mica!
    have a great week!

  7. Oh my word, this just thrilled my soul! :) Beautiful!

  8. How beautiful! This is especially in contrast to the rough tents my boys make!

  9. Oh I just love the tent!! You must have been 'glamping' as I see your Mary Jane mag there *grin*. I can't find a copy of the newest one around here and your photo reminded me that I was thinking of just subscribing so I don't have to search for it all the time :)

    I just love popping by to see your photos and it looks like Freckles has been having a great time exploring the old days :) We actually still have a wringer washer and old glass washboard in the garage. The washer even works LOL. My mom used to wash my father's greasy mechanics overalls in it when I was a kid to save our new washing machine :)

    Enjoy your weekend and that air conditioning that must feel sooo good :) I would love to have that for when we go camping this weekend as it is supposed to keep getting hotter!

  10. Oh Mica, you and Freckles are having just the best summer! I love this idea.