Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Past...

Not so long ago my parents were little...Sometimes that it hard to believe.... But they were. The picture on the top are of my Uncle, my Aunt and my Dad ...He's the little boy on the right. I just love this picture of them all in matching red and white stripes and polka dotted pajama's which were probably hand made for them. I wonder where I can get me some of those...They are so cute.

The next picture is of my Mother on jolly Santa's lap taken about 1953...
This picture is stinkin sweet.
 I proudly have it on my mantel.....
It is utterly adorable.

The next photo is taken of my Great Grandfather with his wife (re-married), The young girl in braids is my Great Aunt...This was taken around world war II.. They had a real tree lit with candles...Imagine on the tree...ahhhh!!! They sure do look like they are dreamy or dreaming... It really is a neat picture.

The last picture is my Mother again standing in front of her
 Christmas tree with BIG presents...
 I wonder if they were all for her.
 She reminds me of a little Shirley Temple.
 I wish Icould go back in time to see these moments in real life...
I think it would have been neat to see how they were
 and how their Christmas traditions went.
These pictures are very special to me.
I am blessed to have them.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend of reflection as
 well as peace during this hectic week prior to Christmas...
Only one week to go!!!


  1. Such wonderful photos Mica. You are so lucky to have these!! xxoo

  2. Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Love ya