Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ode To The Last Week Of 2010...


Well, this is it! The end of 2010 is fast approaching. The Christmas season has come and gone so quickly I can't even breath. It was a wonderful Christmas time though. We have made memories with family and friends, forever embedded in our hearts. The top pics. are a couple handmade gifts I got for my kids....


We had a delightful yet very modest Christmas.
Time together was spent with those we love.
 We will always cherish the times we had.


My parents and Gramma came after Christmas
 to spend the day and eat a delicious feast.


We were even blessed by the fantabulous visit from
 old friends Zoe, Robert and Zoe's daughterAmarantha..
They have been friends of mine since I was 14. It has been 13 years since we have seen one another. Neat thing is My son and her daughter played together as small children and have kept in touch through the Internet and talking on the phone. It was so great to see them and talk about the olden days. Sorry to see them go so soon!

I look back on the past couple weeks to this last week of 2010
 and remember times spent with my sweet Nephew as he baked cookies with Freckles.

Our Christmas parties with our Church family...

My spunky Sis in law and I had some great times window shopping this season
 and spending a weekend together...then her visit with us
before Christmas as she had the opportunity
 to share in our Advent Feast. What a blessing!
 She's even coming up again to ring in the New Year with us...Can't wait!!!

The times Freckles had with her friends...

Visiting special people in our lives eating homemade
 pizza and goodies before the big day.

These are the moments we will remember for always. I pray this coming New Year will be full of  faith, family, friendship and fellowship. May God bless you all in your year ahead. Thank you to all my readers and bloggy friends for making this adventure a pleasure. I am looking forward to visiting you all as well as your visits here! Blessings!


  1. I just Love you! I so needed to see these great pictures!

    Love you


  2. Loved all the pictures Mica! What a happy lot you are! Just wonderful! xxoo

  3. Looks like a grand time for all....I am so looking forward to visiting you more in coming New year....blessings

  4. It is hard to believe 2010 is already over in a couple of days. What a wonderful year you had to reflect on. Here's to another one ahead...
    Love, Nene

  5. What lovely Christmas memories!! A happy new year to you and your family!

  6. What a wonderful year full of happy memories. You know I think I am going to be in SD (Rancho Bernardo) next month or February. I am hoping we can get together. I will e-mail you about it xoxo Clarice