Saturday, December 4, 2010

Right Down Santa Claus Lane

Wanna see my little Santa / Snowman collection?
I have been collecting these guy's for a while now...It has been ever growing slowly. I love the hunt for them in Thrift Shops. In the past I have told you I usually don't spend over $5.00 for a piece....Same goes for all my Christmas decorations. Each piece cost me between 25. cents to $5.00.
I love to buy them when the Shops first put out their Christmas inventory, while the closer you get to Christmas...The cheaper the stuff costs. I recently saw 50-75% off all Christmas goodies...Oh yeah...that's what I'm talkin' about!!!

I put most all my collection on this shelf I keep in my kitchen.
 Then added some white lights for a festive feel!
 I love them all there where I can enjoy the brilliant colors and funny faces.
I love the vintage look...
Which I find myself drawn to most of the time.
 I know what I like...Then the hunt is on...
 Which I usually find something screaming out to me...
"This is it"!!!

I love the red, white and black colors most of all which
 draws me to the old Santa's and Frosty The Snow Men!

They sure do give me smiles and makes
 me all giddy inside for Christmas time!

What do you like to collect... Frosty's...Snowmen?
 Do tell!
 I hope you will share your collections...
Let me know if you do so I can drop in for a peek!!!
Happy Christmas collecting!
 The hunt is on!!!


  1. Thanks for the stop by. I love all your Santas as red is my favorite color. Especially the Santa on the bus little pillow. So cute and inviting. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love, Love, LOVE all your Christmas hoo haa!! Just beautiful and so Christmassy! And red, I love the colour red and nobody does it better than you! Have a fab weekend! xxoo

  3. What a sweet collection, I love the handmade ones. They have such heart to them. They all look soo cheery together xoxox Clarice

  4. I love your retro white and red collection. I have some Santa mugs and egg nog mugs in my collection. I'll have to take pix of those soon.

    Sandy xox

  5. How in the world did I miss this fun post....I love your is so that shelf full of Christmas goodies...thanks for sharing...I collect vintage Santa's....haven't even made it to the storage to get them yet..think I am going today...just gotta press through my sons messy bedroom to do so :) Shelley