Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung ....

By the chimney with care.

I pulled out an oldie this year.
 My childhood stocking.
 My Mama and Sister made this stocking
 for me when I was about Freckles age. I remember when they were making it too! My sister had recently got her own sewing machine so made stockings behind closed doors.... they worked on them for a while.... I don't think I knew what they were sewing but I knew they were sewing something for me...

I remember sitting at the door listening to the sewing machine whirring away all the while they were whispering. I was filled with much anticipation that I am sure of. I really must confess I was very happy with it when my sister handed it over to me...She had made herself one too...I think it may have been a little different then mine...I haven't seen hers in years. I hung onto it for all these years... I cherish it since it was made especially for me by my sister and Mother and low and behold it has my fave colors in it complete with polka dots and white eyelet trim... and my name stitched with care.

Earlier in the Season I was out thrifting and found a vintagy tree skirt which had this very fabric in it. I was reminded again of this stocking and the sentiment I have in it. I bought the tree skirt for a few dollars and love that it matches my childhood stocking. The sweet fabrics they used back in the 80's give me joy...I have several other vintagy fabric Christmas things i will share with you in my next post and share with you the tree skirt that gave me the inspiration to take out my old stocking this year.
Have a delightful day!!!

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