Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dressing Up For The Lord's Day


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It has been our tradition to dress up for the Lord's day. Setting aside Sunday like no other day of the week. Because it is not just an ordinary day. Our children look forward to Sunday morning where Maestro will put on his tie and vest with a nice pair of pants and Freckles looks as cute as can be. Today she wanted to dress up in a 40's style, which represents her love of the period and the Narnia movies with Susan and Lucy. They looked really classy this morn...I just had to take a few pictures of them before we left for church.


My son's friends will call him the night before and plan for all the guy's to either be a vest Sunday, a suit with coat day or the day they will all wear fedoras... So when we arrive all the teen boy's look really sharp. It is quite phenomenal really that these boy's really care to look nice for Church.


Little Freckles  follows suit, with a cute little skirt and blouse or a nice dress.
 Her newest Christmas gift was a sweet hat reminiscent to the 30's~40's.
 How sweet she looked in it this morning with her Bible carrier.
 There are days she will go prairie girl in a sweet calico dress or even Victorian.
 So darling! With that... Dressing up for church is appropriate
 on every special occasion and wouldn't you agree
 that the Lord's day is a special occasion? I am sure the Lord delights in you caring
 about a nice clean appearance. For God is a God of order, surely we would care for ourselves not by vanity but by modesty and cleanliness.. I am not saying that appearance is that important for certainly outward appearance is not what is important...It is what is inside the heart.
 Your faith in Him is more important than anything.
 Reading your Bible daily and praying with your Heavenly Father.
 Yet, God made us in His image and He didn't make junk,
 so why not dress your best for Him? We make it purposeful
 to make that day like no other....We dress our best.
 We have also decided for this year as special family
time that we would set aside Saturday for a fancy dinner
 and games with a special devotion time to prepare our hearts for the Lords day.
 What a perfect way to start the beginning of each week.


  1. I love it! The kids look Beautiful! I too have felt the same way, and so this year I have decided to try to Dress up my wardrobe, I have to buy some new things anyway, it might as well be something nice for church. I'm joining you in your new tradition.

    Love you


  2. I can't imagine ever going to worship the Lord without having on my best, although I know He takes me as I am anyways. It just seems to be so much more respectful if I can show him my best. Your children are so beautiful. Lovely pictures!

  3. aww! they look wonderful! you have awesome kids Mica!

  4. The Lord's day and going to his house is a very good occasion to dress up...I would say! Your kiddos look fabulous ...I read where those hats were coming back in style...I love wearing hats..Freckles looks so sweet in her's...blessings

  5. I love their outfits Mica. They look amazing and ready for the Lord's Day. :)Have a great Day Today.
    Love, Nene

  6. They look smashing. I love Freckles outfit. We have a crazy life, hubby works on Sundays, so we have developed our own Sunday. A kind of Pride and Prejudice day. We dress in girly outfits. Because we are home all day and nobody sees us, the layer skirts like petticoats and wear shawls. We have tea in the afternoon. Starting this year we are going to start talking about what is means to be a single adult Christian woman. It should be interesting. Love Clarice

  7. The cutest kids ever...well them and Donovan, Melissa, Angela and Baby Ava who we will all get to meet on Saturday.
    Love you all !!!

  8. I agree that the Lord's Day is very special indeed!

    Your children look great!

    ~Mrs. Q