Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pin Keep Tuffets....


 I've been tinkering in the Sowing box again and just
 finished two Pin Keep Tuffet ( pin cushions) for
 my shop!
 These were so fun to put together. I just love anything sewing...
And hope they will find a good home. I took Lot's of pictures of these cuties...
since they are so full of fun brilliant colors.
They have a vintage feel to it as well,
with the reproduction vintage fabrics used.


Sew sweet, sew tiny, functional
 and sew stinkin' cute!
Be sure to pop in my shop.... More goodies coming soon!
Wishing you a bright shiny day!!!


  1. I've probably already told you this but you have the cutest blog. I wish I could sew. I keep saying I will take lessons and learn. I will have to make that bread too. We love homemade bread around here.

  2. These are really sweet Mica. I love your uses of fabric!! Cannot wait to see more xoxo Clarice