Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Morning....

Good day! 
I'm still digging around my sowing box working on projects for my shop... I think my fingers are going to fall off. I have been busy sewing, gluing, cutting,and my mind is whirling with ideas. That is a good thing though, since I wasn't too creative last year. I am almost finished up with this reallly cute tote I designed....It has really brought out the girly girl in me. Freckles loves it too...which is always a good sign that it's got some potential! I added a couple more things to my shop over the weekend...Like The Little Miss Muffet Tuffet pin cushion pictured above... and a Valentine dolly which was quickly snatched up before I blogged about it here. Yay!

This week consists of getting schooling done,
sewing my life away and creating! 
Ahh, what more can a girl ask for! Oh yeah...
I do have lot's of chores to tend too here, just some 
tidying up here and there, laundry...ya know...the fun stuff?!!!
I'll just start the morn off right with a lovely cup of tea and all will be good!

Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday Morning!!!


  1. happy Tuesday to you too!
    and off to work I go!

  2. Happy Tuesday Morning to you as well my Love!

    I love you!