Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh My !!!!

I just had to share...
I went thrifting this weekend...well, really I needed to find more
 trims to add to the sowing box for a couple projects I have going on for the shop...
The best place to go is the Thrift Shops....Great deals are to found dirt cheap! So anyways,
 I am rummaging through the linens and such and passed.... or let's say I couldn't pass up the Ganny
 (An afghan we affectionionately call Ganny)
 I found. I have a couple Granny square afghans, one that
 my Gramma made years ago and now belongs to Freckles..
.And another Vintage one I found last Summer
 ( The Green & Pink one in the picture).
 So of course I had to bring this Ganny home.

This one is full of color with a black background...Love it!!!
And it was $4.00!!
I found the green and pink one for the same amount..YES!!!
It just doesn't get any better than that....

Now, I'm just waiting for a nice chilly night to use them...
(since it is way too warm here in Sunny Cali!)
So hopefully that will be soon....
For now their going to drape over the couch and chair...Cozy!!

What ever the weather...
 I hope you find a cozy ganny to curl up in !!!
 Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. Sooooooo cute! I have never had one of those afghans. They look great and I just love the apron you made. I went thrifting today too. Didn't find anything there, but I did get a few treasures at the consignment store. Since it's so cold and drizzly here, I wasn't able to work on my door project. My fingers are crossed for Monday now. (to work on my project)

  2. What a lucky find Mica!! I can imagine all the hours of work that went in to creating those. They're lovely! xxoo

  3. Love it...I am going to crochet one of those Granny Patchwork's one of these days....great find Mica...did you find the trim? Just curious :)
    Blessings on your Lord's day....Shelley

  4. I have several from my family..but none with the green and pink!

  5. You are lucky to have such thrift stores. Our are soooo expensive, it is hard to find any deals xoox Clarice

  6. I have one with the black background right on my couch. I'd love to find more. Will have to hunt at the thrift store for more too. Good find and what a price.