Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Is In The Air....Everywhere I Look Around....

Call me sentimental...I found this sweetie in an antique shop for .75 cents...Poor dear had a broken wing. I didn't care though, for she was still beautiful to me. Her wing may be broken but her heart is still in tact.
We are preparing for some fun Valentine festivities. Freckles will be having her literary tea party this Saturday. She got all her Valentines cards filled out for her friends. We didn't home make the cards this year. It just crept up on us like a cat in the night. We will be making heart shaped brownies and sugar cookies for the tea.... It will be divine. Not sure if my hubby has anything planned...We'll see. ....
No matter...Valentines is everyday...That is the delightful thing about LOVE... I can whisper sweet nothings to his ear any day of the week...I kiss him every time I pass him...well, almost...I leave love notes in his lunch...That's the truth... I left him one yesterday with XOXO's from little ole me and told him to have a fantastic day. Just little things of affection like these fills the air with LOVE all around. I can't tell you how many times we say I love you during the day. No matter what day it is, he is my Valentine.
Have a LOVELY day!!!


  1. so glad you took her home, a little broken wing never hurt anyone, esp for the price!

  2. I know you spread love wherever you go xoox Clarice

  3. Beautiful Find!! She is so cute even with her broken wing. I agree with you, 'Love' should be everyday of the year with your spouse. :) I think Valentine's Day is more for our Kids to just have fun with arts and crafts, making hearts, candy and passing out fun cute cards to each other. I Hope Bri has lots of fun with her friends this weekend at her party. xoxo

  4. Such a sweet little thing...I see why you had to bring it home....let your sweet freckles know I mailed her package off today...hope she has fun with the things I am sending her...nothing to special but,little things that made me think of her :)

    I sent it priority so it should be there in a day or two.