Monday, March 21, 2011

A Creative Family....

Ever since I can remember I loved art...drawing, painting, playing with papers, coloring and doodling. I was always a dreamer. I was the one in the class who would be doodling or looking out the window day dreaming of something else. For I just don't think that a school desk was where I was meant to be. Where did this creative spark come from? Certainly it was a gift from God...and I come from a line of creative family members. My Grandmother's on both sides were crafters. Both made lovely knitting and crochet projects. I have been told I had family in Europe who were in theatre, as well as my Maternal Grandmother whom is also a great cook.My Great Grandmother was a gifted seamstress and was known to make her own dresses...To this day I have her old Singer sewing machine which I did my first sewing projects from. My Paternal Grandmother pictured above was very gifted in painting...She had a whole craft room in her basement especially for her ceramics and crafts. My Mother is a gifted singer and writes beautiful poetry. Even my Father has been known to write poetry. I have seen my mom even draw very well, though she never did that much.
I don't know for sure if being creative comes from your blood line. I do know for sure it is a gift. Why is it that some people are artistically challenged? Surely those who are, are gifted in other things. That's what makes this world so bright and different. I have learned so much over the years...From drawing, painting,collage,doll making,sewing,crochet, poetry writing, cooking/baking and photography. I have tried  just about every craft there is. Some I enjoy more than others. The only missing one is am not so musical. I have been told I sing pretty...I am sure it's not American Idol material...I just can't play any instruments. With my Hubby being musical and I with other crafting abilities...our children have also shown creativity gifts..Our son is musical and writes...Our daughter loves to draw...and she shows so much more possibility. My Hubby's side of the family has several musicians and my Hubby's Mama is quite creative...
check out her shop! My kids are blessed to have creative people all around them!

I am thankful for the gift of creativity!

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I thank God and my family for instilling in me the creative bug!
 Where do you think your creativity comes from?
Happy Creating!


  1. from my grandmother for sure she was always sewing, quilting, crocheting and cooking I am very thankful for her gifts to me!

  2. My creative bug comes from you honey.
    Didn't even have a clue til you showed me.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my shop Mica
    You are so sweet to do that.

    Love ya

  4. Well you definitely have a creative gen!! I have no clue where mine comes from ;- o I love your bunting bunny by the way xoxoox Clarice

  5. Is your sewing machine a foot peddle one? I have my grandmother's foot peddle one(even sews thru leather), and my aunt's White, knee peddle sewing machine. I learned on the foot peddle one.

    And I sew w/my 37 year old Dressmaker electric/portable, that I 'won' half off of in the mail.