Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Is In The Air....

The flowers seem to be blooming early this year... Not only are the blooms coming in but so are the allergies. Ugh! We just got over another bout of the flu/cold now the allergies are kicking in! Besides Fall....Spring is a favorite season of mine...The time where everything is freshening up...The green, the flowers... It just makes the world so colorful...

This picture was taken just before last Fall came. I love these roses.
 I am looking so forward to being able to pick them again.
This was captured today. The pink looks so pretty with
 the blue sky in the background. So pretty!

So, what's growing in your garden?
Make a wish!
Have a blooming day!

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  1. Well there are signs of spring here, so my allergies are sooo bad. But we have had bits of sun, after insane rains!! Clarice