Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Girl Day Out.....

The kids and I went up to visit my sister for the weekend hanging out for her birthday. We spent the weekend at the mall window shopping then went to visit my parents and gramma. Saturday we spent the day out...just the girls! My mom and gramma treated us to lunch at The Elephant Bar. It was really good food!

(Me & Shawny)
After lunch we went to the mall to shop for birthday outfits! Yep, not only my sister got to pick out an outfit for her b-day, but I too got to pick out an outfit for mine which is in a couple weeks! Early birthday gifts are always welcome! We had a fun time shopping and picking out clothes. Thanks mom and gramma!!! My sister got me a red tea cup and a couple cherry tea cups while we went thrifting later that day! I love them so! Even Freckles got to pick out a few new things to add to her wardrobe. The whole weekend was a barrel of laughs as we goofed around and even a bit of tears when we watched Finding Neverland.
 Well, I cried!

(My Mom, Freckles,Shawny)

(Me & Gramma)

Good times!


  1. Lovely days! I love you and am so glad to see you all together!

    Hugs, Sissy!


  2. Looks like you all had a great time together....nothing like spending time with family :)

  3. What a fun weekend. Such memories and blessings xoxox Clarice