Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten On Ten:10 Pictures Throughout Our Day....

Today I am joining in ten on ten a photo challenge on every tenth of the month by taking 10 pictures throughout a ten hour day. Yup...Taking a picture an hour for ten hours. I thought it was kind of fun actually. I know I don't have the best camera...but these are the snippets of our day which I captured. My morning tea starts off the day!

Still in my slippers...Ummm! They stayed on all day.
Well, it is sort of a sick day for me. Not feeling so hot..

Home school. I best check in on Freckles writing.
 She wrote The Beatitudes so beautifully.

Recess...... Just looking at the newest blossoms on the apricot tree...
Just imagine a few months from now this bud will be a plump, juicy ball of goodness.

After lunch...So the routine goes....
The kids practice their piano lessons.

School's out! Freckles decided to put in her headphones,
 listening to Owl City while enjoying a vintage book.

Done with house stuff...Now I can sit and
 sketch while eating some snacks!

A bit of weeding on the front porch...
My eyes fixed on this picture right outside my door.

Cleaning up the backyard...Freckles left these little houses outside.
I best bring them in before they get ruined.

One last shot before the sun goes down.
We are enjoying the flowers that are slowly popping up everywhere! Be sure to stop by
A bit of Sunshine’s Ten on Ten project!
There are so many other wonderful blogs out there sharing their day!
 Have a delightful 10th!


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Love the sock monkey slippers :) I think I could pop by your blog just to listen to your playlist. It's awesome. Happy weekend!

  2. what a good idea... I'll try to remember that next month on the 10th. Should write it on the calander really. LOVE your monkey socks. they are so adorable. and how lucky that you enjoying spring already! we still have a month before things start to green up and probably another month after that before we get flowers!
    have a great weekend Mica!

  3. thanks for joining in this month great set!

  4. Great set. I love your slippers and little houses. So colorful.

  5. Not the 'best camera'?!?! I thought you had a professional Photographer take these..hehehe! Seriously, Beautiful and so FUN!! I love your story posts and pictures to tell about them too. I love how they are unique & Creative all the time and say so much even when faces are not shown. Although, I would love to see your Bright and Lovely FACES. :)

    Friday's already here, Enjoy your weekend and Be blessed all of you. Love and HUGS!! Nene!!

  6. Love your set! I love that polka dot had me at first picture!

  7. Cute! Love the slippers. I must join in next month! BTW did you send the package for the girls already because we haven't received it yet?

    Sandy xox