Monday, April 11, 2011


I set out some of my Spring decorations and candy !
I love Springtime. Everything is so pretty and sweeet ! I picked up a couple bags of jelly beans...I just can't believe all the flavors they have these days. Back in the OLDEN days they simply had just a few flavors... Now there are Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, and much more in the jellybean department. It's crazy !
And, then came the Peep!
 Marshmallowy goodness with sugar sprinkles shaped as little Chickie's.To die for! As far as I can remember from being a youngster Peeps were around. These little guy's are a definite must during the Season....And one of Mr. Darling and Freckles favorites...One little 99. cent package would surely be gobbled up and devoured in a matter of seconds around here.
Not only are there Peep chicks...But bunnies too... And in an array of Springy colors... perfect for decorating. I captured a few and put them under glass. Though they were found by Mr. Darling and eaten. Now my glass dome is empty. It's a crime I tell ya !
So, a little of this and a little of that...a few hand painted whimsical painted eggs atop some yellow paper grass under a glass dome sits in the center of my breakfast table bringing cheer to the room. Just simple decorations... giving our little space a little sunshine on a Spring day and a smile upon our faces ! I think I just may have to try my hand at making some home made Peeps this year. I decided to make some home made goodies and treats for my kids Easter baskets this year...So hopefully Peeps will be present...We'll see !
Have a wonderful Spring day !


  1. hi sweet peep! I do love me some good ole stale peepers! love to put soft ones in hot choc too! have a great week

  2. Oh Mica, I have that same little chick and it looks so cute with the jelly beans. I am going to have to borrow that idea! You are SO creative!

  3. Those chicks were around when I was a little girl. I am sure Mr Darling loved the jelly beans ! You best hide them from him!
    Love ya

  4. Sweet post Mica....Happy Spring :)

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like "SPRING"... everywhere you GO. :) LOVE all these Beautiful Bright colors at your home. Sooooo inviting, can I come over?? LOL... save a Peep for me. :) Hope you're having a wonderful day. (soon to be Birthday Girl.) Love you... HUGS, xoxo Nene