Sunday, May 8, 2011

Handpicked Posies....

There's nothing more a mother appreciates than the child who picks her weeds and flowers from the yard. Periodically my daughter will bring in a little flower for sweet. Even when my boy was younger he too would come in with dirty hands holding a sweet bouquet of weeds... Oh how I will cherish those days. I don't care if I ever were to get a dozen roses or store bought flowers, Even my Mr. Darling picked a wildflower or two through the years. It truly is thoughtfulness to me. I adore that so very much. This year I have been blessed with weeds from the yard, and bouquets just because and for my birthday, Then tonight my little family walked in with orchids...I have never had those before. I love them....I'll be sure to snap a picture to share this week ahead. For now I wanted to share with you the sweet posies my daughter and I made to put into our pop bottle.

The first posy was made for me by Freckles herself....Thank you sweet girl, I love it. The next few...I made for the pop bottle, they sure did turn out cute and so cheerful and colorful! They were fun to make and takes just a few minutes to make one. There are many tutorials for these on the web, just search rosette tutorials.
We used pipe cleaners with fabric wrapped around them to create the stems...It is a bit wobbly but, once it is in the bottle, it stands fine...If you wish for a stronger stem, I suggest using a heavier wire next to the pipe cleaner then wrapping it. They are so simple and fun to make, you won't just stop at one. I even made Freckles a posy hair clip...too cute! So if your lookin' to cheer a corner of your home this Spring/Summer....try your hand at these and fill up a fun pop bottle.
May your Mother's Day be filled with your children,
your Mother's & your family with blessings from above.
 Happy Mother's Day!


  1. "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" sis!! You are such a Wonderful, loving and extraordinary Mother. You are so fun and inspirational... Enjoy your day with your beautiful family. Blessings and Love you...(Proverbs 31 Mom!(10&25) ~ :)

  2. Happy Mothers day sweet Mica! LOVE those sweet posies! I'm feeling some inspiration coming on! Have a delightful day. I KNOW you will.

  3. Oh the flowers are adorable Freckles, well done. Happy Mother’s day Mica xoxoox Clarice

  4. These are so cute Mica. You should put some on Etsy. These are unique and oh so fun.
    I remember when Vinnie was about three years old he found me a leaf on the ground shaped like a perfect heart and he gave it to me.I still have it. So precious !

    Hope your Mother's Day was a good one and knowing your family it was :)
    Love You