Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just Yesterday.....

Freckles and I went to Old Town to play for the afternoon since Mr. Darling has been buried in writing papers and Maestro is still in Seattle. So we made it a girls day! It was the perfect day to walk around, window shop and just be plain ole' silly. One thing I love to do is capture moments...So I embrace the camera and shoot the day. I am a very visual person....This really puts the topping on the cake for me. I don't really even know what I am doing as far as taking pictures, I just point and shoot what I think is pretty or whatever I find appealing to the eyes I suppose.

One thing I know for sure is that
Freckles is such a good sport about me taking so many pictures of her.
 It was just plain fun!

We walked for at least 3 hours through town and our favorite shops. So I treated us to The Old Pop Shop for pop of course! It was either that or a trip to the Ice Creamery... We figured since we are counting calories we would be better off having a pop instead! And, we haven't had pop for quite a while....Since we have cut it off from having it in the home. It was a treat!
Freckles also got a kick out of seeing her favorite car... She loves Bugs and usually doesn't get to see the old ones very often. In about 6 more years I am certain this girl will be driving a bug! She enjoys nudging me in the arm every time she sees one yelling out "Slug Bug".... Yeah I get the punch quite often, for she seems to always be on the look out for them. I don't know if I like that too much!
We had so much fun together...It really was a special time, which made me thank God for making me the Mother of these two delightful children. It is such a gift, to see them grow up into what God intends them for. And that leaves me in awe of this priceless blessing. It delights me to no end to
see their sweet, smiling, happy faces each and every day!
Freckles told me that when she becomes a Mama, she wishes to be just like me...Oh that just melts my heart. How sweet it is she would desire that...Because trust me there are day's I don't feel like the world's greatest Mom! Let's just say I do my best.
We even dreamed up how when Mr. Darling finishes Seminary and Lord willing finds a Church flock to shepherd that we would find a quaint little building and make it into an eclectic tea house...We dreamed of how it would be furnished and decorated to what we would serve as far as drinks and goodies go...It would be a funky, whimsical sort of place suited for everyone with good music and a gift shop filled with our art work as well as local artisan's and musicians, & open for special tea parties and such... We visualized the whole set up down to colors and mood, yet haven't agreed to the name we would give it. It was grand to dream... But with all dreams aside, I don't see why we couldn't make that dream real.... In time!!
It was yet another wonderful day spent with my daughter...
 A wonderful way to kick off Mother's Day!

Okay let me leave you with this photo again..Too cute for words. If you don't know already about Picasa or Piknic...They are two great sites where you can edit your photo's for FREE! So, since I don't have the greatest camera in the world....These sites help me to enhance the look and feel to my pictures when they seem just okay. I edited this picture in Piknic making it a Polaroid with a vintage 60's/70's coloring to it! Just looking at it makes me feel like I stepped back in time. Hope that helps! Oh, and to show my appreciation to YOU, my loyal readers, I am gearing up for a Give Away!
This will be a fun one!!
Have a fantastic Saturday!!!


  1. Thanks for taking me along on your outing. A fun little journey to start my Saturday with.


  2. You take Beautiful Pictures!!! I really love this post! I love going on "fun, adventurous spontaneous photo shoots" too. You are artsy and creative with you eye. Love the Colors and what you did with them. Freckles is such a beautiful photo-genetic niece. Wishing I was there... (do you have your phone?) Wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day in "voice"... sending loves your way!! xoxo

  3. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day, a couple of days early! My daughter is coming home from college today, and we are spending the whole weekend doing things together. I can't wait! Daughters are so special, aren't they?!
    Happy Mother's Day,

  4. What a fun and blessed day. Keep dreaming, that is what life is all about. Clarice

  5. She looks darling. I love the way you edited the one where she is leaning against the building. What did you use for that one if you don't mind me asking? Have a blessed Mother's day. Used one of the little cards you sent me for a friend yesterday and she loved it. I knew it was her to a tee.