Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Seattle....

It's been one week since we saw our boy fly off to Seattle. I can't believe really, how much he is growing up and becoming his own person. We are very proud of him. This trip has been a year in the making since he his last visit to Seattle last Summer with friends. He has had the opportunity to write, film and score short films. This year his friend Todd, an inspiring film maker wrote and directed a short film that took place in World War II... while my son wrote the score for his short film, they entered it into one of the largest Film Festivals for young people. The festival was 4 days long...I can't even begin to tell you all they did...
Yet, he said it was a grand time spent.
They walked the red carpet and were interviewed...just like the movies...tee hee. So cute.
 My son is the one with the black vest and tie.
They took a bunch of these photo's...
They made me giggle....

Perhaps the next GQ! LOL

So, they watched 100's of short films by the other young folks throughout the many days there.... Their film premiered on the last day. He said it was so neat to see it on big screen with his music. I bet it was!

He seemed to be right there in his element. Our son will be going to college in the Fall as he is going to focus on mastering his music education in hopes to use his gifst in his future. I pray for him every day that he will have the opportunity to share his gifts and use them for a wonderful purpose one day.....

It was truly a blessing that he was able to make the trip out there and spend such an amazing time with his friends. I miss him something terrible...Just a few more days and he will be back home.
Hope you all have a fabulous week. Thanks for coming by!!!
Did you notice the snippets of reds...The Experience Building, the red carpet...so much red so litlle time.
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  1. How fun for them! I remember going to Disneyland with one daughter's choir group for their Music Days for musical students. It was so encouraging and interesting. She is still enjoying sharing her love of God and music through church and choir AND through her children - some of my many sweet grandchildren. And what a joy to see that your son is seeking to do the same. Praying for him for wisdom through the years.

    LOVED the colors of your site. So bright and encouraging on this rainy day. Have a great REDnesday.

  2. Love the new look of your blog, Mica!
    It's easy to see what a proud Mama you are! I have a feeling that some time in the near future, when your son becomes famous, I will be able to say that I "know" him! No one needs to know that it's only through his Mom's blog!
    Happy REDnesday,

  3. Yeah I am kind of proud of him too :)

  4. That is wonderful. Best of luck to this fine young man and his family.

  5. How Exciting!!! This doesn't surprise me about our nephew. HE is so Talented and has a lot going for His Future. I loved all the pictures you shared. He is such a Handsome young man that He has grown to be. I would be proud too of all of his accomplishments so far sis! Hope you are doing well. At least you will be with two of your sweet kiddos for Mother's Day coming. I hope we can chat soon. Love YOU!! xoxo

  6. Whoa!! That is pretty cool. What an experience for an aspiring singer and composer. He's just so cute--the red carpet was really neat, bet he could hardly believe it was happening. Happy Rednesay.

  7. I know you are absolutely thrilled to death. Congratulations on a job well done rearing your son to become some a talented artist. Know you all had a grand trip. Love all the shots...and that black vest.

  8. Hi Mica,
    How great! Looks like he is doin what he loves...good for him. My Niece goes to school out there for Psycology..she loves it out there.

  9. Such a great one..Lots of red to see. Happy Rednesday...

  10. That is totally cool! Congrats to your son!

  11. Oh MY Blessings!!!! This child makes my life! Both of your babies do! I am so proud of him!

  12. Wow, how amazing. What an opportunity. Your son is very gifted and there are great plans for him xxox Clarice