Saturday, April 30, 2011

Around The House...

The day starts with breakfast...A must around here...If we don't get breakfast the rest of the day is a flop. We did a bit of our cleaning chores around the house, getting ready for Sunday... It's always so nice to wake up to a clean house, go to Church refreshed and back home for
Sunday fellowship to a house that's still clean!
I thought I would capture a few pictures around the house as I am dusting and adding my little touches of sunshine. Like my favorite little vintage girl flower
 bud vase I got from Etsy last year.
 In honor of  May Day she holds a (real) Daisy!
I got around to dusting all the baseboards and washed down the walls from sticky little fingers....
The books needed a little dusting and a little reading for a bit! We love our old kid books.
It reminds me of when I was a kid!
I even managed to start this project! I found a foam wreath for .50 cents thrifted and wrapped red yarn around it...That took a while...whew! Next I need to add my fabrics posies and hang it! Sometimes I just have to stop from all the mundane things and create a little cheer for my home since I rarely ever keep my work. I promise to share when it's all done!

Freckles even did a bit of crafting herself...She put together this sweet posy!
Hope you have a delightful May Day!!!


  1. sweetness always fills your home! Just as it should! I need a maid! or a month off so that i can get into every nook and cranny here. Its time to put easter away and get the house back to its "normal" state... so I'll be able to do a pretty good job of dusting and arranging then. I just wish the sun would stay out for awhile!! yesterday was nice, today is cloudy and cool! oh pooh!
    have a great sunday!

  2. Happy belated May day. I love your home, it is soo cheery and cozey xoxo Clarice