Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Kitchen~ We're Jammin'....

We are preparing for a full day of canning tomorrow. Woo Woo! Can't wait to get those plump red pieces of strawberry goodness and turn them into delectable jam for the year!
 We just finished off our last jar of strawberry jam last week.

This year I decided to double my batch so we have enough to give as gifts. I pulled out my vintage caddy which now serves as a place to store my jars for canning...Ingenious
I picked up the things I needed like pectin of course. I have found using pectin makes the job a whole lot easier and gives the jam brilliant color and taste. I found these sweet strawberry tags and fabric squares & lids to add to my jars for a finished yummy look... Yes, I said yummy look...there is such a thing ya know! They are made by Better Homes & Gardens at WallyMart. I know I could have cut my own fabric and made my own tags, but this year...I am being lazy.
After canning these beauties...I will be canning apricots again this year...The fruit is growing on my tree as we speak... I am hoping to can some veggies this year...If the Pressure Cooker Fairy will come by and leave me the proper supplies I need! Well, I am off..There is so much to do!
Happy Monday to you!!
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  1. mmm! I cant wait for strawberry season here and I'm feeling I'll be making several batches of strawberry jam. I'll also be making raspberry and blueberry and most likely peach as well! Last year I didnt make any. Those yummy jars do make wonderful gifts too, people love to receive them!
    have fun! I'll be checking out our wallyworld too looking for those fabric squares and tags!

  2. Hi, I see you're going to be very busy canning strawberry jam - yum! I also just saw that we have been paired up in the Very Cherry World swap! So answer the following questions:

    1. What's your fave color? (red obviously?!?!)
    2. What's your favorite food?
    3. What's your favorite vacation spot?
    4. What's your favorite book?
    5. How'd you meet your husband?

    Ha! Those are such random questions, but I think they will help my creative juices start flowing!

    Very exciting about the swap, it's going to be fun!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  3. Oh MIcah! Now you make me want to make strawberry preserves. I saw those darling canning supplies too. I've only made jam once but maybe I can talk my mom into helping me make some for her and me. Are you getting rain? This has been the craziest spring that I can ever recall. I'm freezing! I had to turn the heat on in my car when I drove home from work. Can you imagine?

  4. I have many happy memories of making all my own jams and pickles when my children were growing up. I used to can and freeze a lot from the garden as well. With only Todd and myself now, and a family thousands of miles away, it's just not practical to do so now, but I did so enjoy those times when it was! Have fun!!

  5. Micah,
    Your little embellishments will make your jam look like the prized jams at the county fair! If I send my address will you send a jar;-)

  6. Yumm, nothing like homemade jam xoxo Clarice