Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Colors....

We're having a quiet weekend at home.... A bit of reading, chores and play. We rented a couple flicks from the Red Box ( Narnia & Harry Potter)...we'll watch them tonight! I filled this basket with some of our childrens' vintage books which needed a home... I am running out of shelf space to hold our books. Woes me! This was the perfect storage solution for my little problem, plus it looks way cute in this colorful basket made from rolled magazines found at TJ Maxx on clearance.
I will leave you with some colorful pop tops and marbles...Just playing around!
Hope you all are having a colorful weekend...


  1. I always love all the colours on your page Mica! It's so bright and cheery! Love you loads! I have that same picture frame too! I love it! xxoo

  2. Your posts are the most cheerful thing! Love the colorful baskets and the playfulness of the marbles and pop caps... FUN !! I love children's books too!

  3. Hey, there cutie pie....I am back from the lost. Am determined to spend time with my Buttons and friends instead of devoting all of my time to the photography. I am actually posting again. Miracles really do happen. Love the goodies made from magazines. I keep looking for them, but have yet to find a single one. I do save the bottle caps and hope someday to make something cute with them. Take care...Hugs, Genie

  4. I love all your wonderful colors in this post....I have toned colors down so much in my home...but,RED is still a favorite of mine...that basket was perfect for those sweet vintage books...blessings on your week dear friend...

  5. all sweet stuff here Mica! thanks for sharing your bright and cheery little spot in the world! I always love to see what youre up to!
    have a great week my friend!