Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Afternoon...In The Backyard....

I thought I would go outside and capture some of the beauty in my backyard and get some fresh air after being cooped up in my house for a week with the flu. I am not 100% yet, but think I am getting better, though I am still suffering from low grade fevers and the yuckies... But, I have so much to do. After I post this I will be in the kitchen making Frikadeļu Zupa, a Latvian Soup recipe from my Gramma as well as Pierogies another recipe from Latvia ( Europe ) which we will be serving at the Czech Soiree ( My son's Mission Fundraiser Concert) tomorrow night...Our friends are making some authentic Czech foods and desserts as well. I will share the evening with you all next week. Both my kiddo's will be playing the piano as well as a whole handful of others! Okay so back to my backyard.... Here are little glimpses of what you would find walking around. I love this little tea pot my daughter plays with in her
 Mud Kitchen .

Our roses are in full bloom...They were really on time this Spring, perhaps because we had such a warm Winter. They are beautiful... We have yellow, hot pink, reds, and white roses all along our back border... I can peek right out my window and see pretty!
Ahh my white metal vintage chair...I love it..I thrifted this a couple years
back what a great find for cheap!
Ha ha, here I am garden globe gazing....

Looks like this water feeder needs to be filled, it's dry as a bone...
Another scene from the Mud Kitchen...I think this was a mud pie in the making. Last time Freckles had a friend over there was more that mud pies being made...There was a mud fight... with mud flung EVERYWHERE! It was a mess and Mama was not too happy about it either. I can handle a little mud, but this was over the top, it was a mud murder scene....Thankfully it only took water to wash it all away.
What is this doing out here? FRECKLES!!!! This is an old fork I made curly cue &  use in my kitchen as a little recipe card holder....Hmmm. Okay so if you don't like SPIDERS...You'll want to pass the next picture quick...It is not for the fainted heart...

This was huge creepy looking arachnid...
and gave me the willies. Next!!!!

Ahh my little sunflower strainer...This also belongs in my kitchen...Freckles must have went through the cupboards to add stuff to her mud kitchen. Silly girl. Well , I guess I should go get to work...I have lot's of cooking ahead of me. Hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend...We will be able to relax Monday with a nice BBQ with friends...So, looking forward to that!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better x

  2. Loved being in your backyard with you....glad to hear Freckles is still enjoying her Mud Kitchen :)
    Hope you are feeling 100% very soon...thank you for your sweet comment about my graduate....blessings on your holiday weekend...

  3. Glad you are feeling better Mica. Love your backyard. Freckles is quite the little treasure!! Girls will be girls! xxoo

  4. I am sorry you are 100% Mica. I pray tonight goes well and you do not get sicker xoxo Clarice